Frequently Asked Questions

What shouId I wear to my physical therapy (pt) appointment?

Wear clothes that allow the therapist to evaluate what you are seeking treatment for. For example, if it is your knee, wear or bring shorts. For your shoulder, women and girls should wear a sports bra or camisole.

What will the physical therapist do on the first visit?

Your PT will perform a thorough evaluation. This includes seeking information about medical history, injuries, medications, previous treatment, and your activities and goals. This exam includes postural assessment, evaluation of joints, soft tissues, nerves and function. We will discuss our diagnostic findings, and treatment plan recommendations, frequency and duration. Feel free to ask about cost as well.

What kinds of treatment might be recommended?

Treatment might include specific exercises for you, joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, alignment and postural training, walking or gait training, and return to sport-specific training.

Will I have homework?

Yes. As PTs, we help guide your return to health, and the best outcomes also include you, the patient, following through with specific exercises or stretches to get you pain-free and back to your activities. We know that you are busy, so we try to provide you with the most important treatments and exercises to meet your goals.

More questions?

Email us or contact us by phone at 1 (303) 840-1323  .

“For the past year, I’ve been struggling with a recurrent hip injury. After a visit to my doctor, I went to see Lisa, who quickly assessed the problem and its cause. After one month of treatment and exercises, I was back to full martial arts participation. I’m grateful to Lisa for making me feel like a new person!”
Nancy Von Minden