All Sports Physical Therapy Testimonial #1

“For many of the patients I see as a primary care sports medicine physician, physical therapy is the foundation of their treatment plan. Lisa Ralston has always provided my patients with extremely efficient and effective therapy that is second to none. My patients that had physical therapy with Lisa are consistently very satisfied. Her skills in manual therapy, Pilates-based rehab, and orthotic fittings are exceptional. She also has proactive injury prevention programs for young athletes. Lisa’s expertise with pre- adolescent athletes is unsurpassed. If you are a physician, parent, or patient looking for high-quality, effective physical therapy, I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa Ralston.”

Deb Jacobson, MD

Team Physician, Colorado Mammoth

“Lisa helped me with my shin splints, which I have had for 6 months. I went to the pediatrician and a different PT and my shins didn’t get any better. When I came to Lisa, she gave me orthotics, specific exercises and helped me with my shin splints 100 percent. Now I can cheer and run with no pain!”

Megan, 16-year-old cheerleader

For the past year, I’ve been struggling with a recurrent hip injury. After a visit to my doctor, I went to see Lisa, who quickly assessed the problem and its cause. After one month of treatment and exercises, I was back to full martial arts participation. I’m grateful to Lisa for making me feel like a new person!”

Nancy Von Minden

“I had a seizure, fell off a motorcycle tearing my Rotator Cuff and got a concussion.  When I first came to All Sports Physical Therapy I was a mess.  Sharon started helping me through the pain and the tears.  Liza continued to work with me.  My physical therapy was a slow process over six months of strengthening my muscles and giving me the courage to heal.  Liza constantly encouraged me and pushed me to progress in my recovery.  Thank you Liza and Sharon and All Sport Physical Therapy.”

G. Williamson

“The therapists at All Sports are knowledgeable and encouraging.  They make time to see me and listen to my concern.  I am so glad they have been able to help me with my weak ankle and they successfully brought me through my total knee replacement so I feel strong, two months after TKR surgery.”

M. Charron

“Sharon and front desk staff are great!  She was very professional and excellent at helping my daughter.”

C. Iammeth-Miller

“I’ve never been to a PT clinic that offers so much personalized attention.  All of your time is spent with the actual therapist instead of a PT aide.  The therapists at All Sports treat your body as a whole and are the most professional, kind and caring I’ve ever had.  Their dry needing services still obtain the results you want.  Megan is my personal therapist although I’ve also seen Lisa and all are exemplary!  Megan is one of a kind!  She is very knowledgeable an not only treats your presenting problem but give you other tips on the other body areas to help your problem.  Her kindness, sense of humor, and skill make her top notch!”

D. Chenkovich

“Megan was terrific.  Understood my pain levels and worked with me to help with range of motion and pain levels.  She really helped me through a tough time.”

M. Pavelka

“Megan Bolin is a total professional.  She is also a very caring person that listens to what you have to say, and work with you to find the best solutions involving your therapy.  She is a great therapist and a wonderful person.  You can trust her to give you the facts.  There is a high comfort level working with Megan.  All of the staff at All Sports Therapy are always helpful and friendly.  By watching other people coming in for therapy, you can tell there is a high comfort and trust level with not only Megan, but with the other members of the staff.  I appreciate all the Megan has been able to do for me, and the kindness showed by all the staff.


“The best PT office I have ever been to.”

M. Edwards

“Megan was terrific.  Understood my pain levels and worked with me to help with range of motion and pain levels.  She really helped me through a tough time.”
M. Pavelka